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collage showing diverse group of employees in a variety of job roles

Belong and matter.

Creating an inclusive culture.

Making sure everyone's voice is heard means creating a respective and inclusive culture where employees seek out diverse perspectives and feel empowered to confidently express their viewpoints and take action to create meaningful change. 

To help create that culture, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) create supportive communities to help attract and retain talent, raise cultural awareness and competence, develop critical skills and contribute to our diversity and inclusion objectives. Working together as an Inclusion Network, the ERGs sponsor activities and programs for all employees, including workshops, panel discussions, awareness training and professional development sessions. 
Our ERGs include:

We also invest in our diverse talent through specific inclusive leadership development programs, recognize colleagues' contributions through our Peer-to-Peer Recognition program, promote a holistic approach for all individuals through our Health & Wellness team, and offer flexible working to allow employees to manage when and where they most effectively get their work done. 

"If you hire people who look like you, talk like you, and think like you,how do you find the unique perspective? How do you challenge the status quoif everyone on the team sees the world the same?"

Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President and CEO

What our employees think.

Fostering growth and development, regardless of experience level, is a characteristic of Air Products.

Abhishek Baranwal, Planner

Behaving ethically and being true to commitments is one of the core values at Air Products, and I have learned to imbibe the same in my personal and professional life.

Shafa Najir Lagiwale, Associate Engineer

There is room to always develop oneself, and I find myself growing here.

Sheetal Nitin Salvi, BMS Admin, Quality & CI

Respect self, others and encourage an environment of open dialogue and transparency.

Sudhir Pegwar, Manager, Mechanical Equipment

At Air Products, I have the self-confidence to simplify processes, thereby bringing in speed while maintaining safety as our number one priority.

Vikas Venu, Senior Purchase Manager