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Global Gasification Experience

Since beginning gasification research in the 1950s, Shell/GE/Air Products have designed more than 170 liquids and 34 coal gasifiers, with a substantial proportion still in operation world-wide. We also operate our own gasifiers, which helps us to understand and anticipate your operational needs. Following are select projects highlighting our extensive gasification experience:

Oil Sands, Canada

  • Formerly Shell residue gasification process technology
  • 72,000 bbl/d of bitumen from the Athabasca oil sands
  • The heavy asphaltene by-product of the primary upgrading process feeds a 3,800-t/d liquids unit
  • Produces hydrogen for the hydrocracker and steam for the steam-assisted gravity drainage operations.
Chemical Company, China
  • Formerly Shell coal gasification process technology 
  • 2,000-t/d dry coal intake capacity
  • Long full-capacity run with 50% petcoke
Refining Joint Venture, China
  • Formerly Shell coal gasification process technology
  • 2,000-t/d dry coal intake capacity
  • Syngas and steam for fertilizer production
  • Direct operational experience since 2006
Lu'An Clean Energy Company and Air Products Joint Venture, China
  • Formerly Shell coal gasification process technology
  • Syngas-to-liquids production
  • First Air Products Sale of Gas (syngas) plants in China
  • On-stream in 2017
Talcher Fertilizer plant at Odisha, India
  • Formerly Shell coal gasification process technology
  • 2,100 t/d (local Indian coal + 25% petcoke) intake capacity
  • Syngas to ammonia/urea production
  • On-stream in 2023 (Expected)
Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, Bharuch, India
  • GE Residue Gasification process technology (formerly Texaco residue gasification technology)
  • Heavy Fuel Oil based 285 cu.ft size Gasifier with quench design configuration
  • Syngas for Ammonia, Urea, MeOH, Acetic Acid and other chemicals and fertilizers
  • On-stream: Two Gasifier trains in 1981 and Third Gasifier train in 2001

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