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Freshline® Smart Technology

Enter the world of smart cryogenic freezing.

Control and optimize your food manufacturing processes anytime and anywhere. Enter the world of smart cryogenic freezing today.

Freshline® Smart Technology revolutionizes the level of convenience, efficiency and effectiveness offered by current cryogenic freezing processes.

What is it and how does it work?

Freshline® Smart Technology is an integrated service to your cryogenic freezing process, allowing you to monitor, review and interact with data from your Freshline® cryogenic freezing tunnel and liquid nitrogen tank.

Freshline Smart Technology uses the latest sensors and wireless communication technology to advise process optimization based on advanced analytics and track key process parameters.

Learn from our experts.

Freshline® Smart Technology uses sensor and wireless communications technology to advise process optimization based on advanced analytics, as well as tracking key process parameters. Ask your Air Products representative for a full range of offerings.

Smart Technology

Provides access to real-time and historic data from freezers, tanks and other equipment, which can be used to optimize your operation.

Key Benefits

Use every drop of nitrogen and CO₂ effectively

Improve remote support

Increase your production efficiency

Track crucial process trends

Accelerate fault identification and resolution

Align with your industry 4.0 initiatives

Voice of Customers 

“I have found Air Products, the most responsive and best partner, for nitrogen freezing, for the supply of nitrogen, and the service we get. I have also found them very helpful for their investment in new technology.”

“I think that Air Products understands the food market really well and, in particular, the challenges we faced so we chose them as our partner.”

“Air Products Freshline® Smart Technology gives us real-time diagnostic skills whether remotely or through our in-line technology. In doing so, it works in a way that allows us to achieve cost savings.”

Ask the Expert

“How can customers benefit from Air Products Freshline® Smart Technology?”
From a business perspective, one of the main interests amongst our customers, is estimating the liquid nitrogen consumption per pound of chilled / frozen product. In some cases they even have someone outside reading the tank level every hour or so, and then trying to evaluate the split rate of liquid nitrogen consumption per equipment application. There is no need of manual guessing with Air Products Freshline® Smart Technology. The tool will automatically and accurately offer this calculation in a comprehensive way.

Start optimizing your process today with Air Products Smart Technology.

Contact one of our experts and let us know how we can help.

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