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Inomaxx®​ TIG

The best gas for TIG welding austenitic stainless

Adding hydrogen to pure argon makes Inomaxx® TIG our best gas for TIG welding austenitic stainless steel. Users will experience improved penetration, less surface oxidation and less post-weld cleaning. By enabling increased welding speeds, and reduced gas consumption, Inomaxx® TIG can reduce overall costs. Not only does Inomaxx® TIG weld process gas improve your welding results, but you will also benefit from lower ozone emissions which improve the working environment.

What are the Benefits Of Inomaxx®​ TIG?​

Improved Weld Quality

Reduced rejects with excellent penetration characteristics and a brilliant, smooth, flat weld finish

Increased Productivity

Up to 30% increase in manual weld speeds when compared with argon

Better Workplace Environment

Dramatically reduced ozone generation when compared to pure argon

Ask the Expert

Can I reduce the smell when welding stainless steel?

A lot of the smell comes from ozone. Using Inomaxx® TIG gas reduces ozone from 0.013 ppm to only 0.001 ppm - an amazing reduction of over 90%.