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Ferromaxx® 7

The thin carbon steel MAG welding specialist gas

Ferromaxx® 7 is part of the Maxx® gases range, our unique range of gases delivering the best combination of quality, productivity and safety.

Achieve more with fewer rejects when welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or high-performance alloys. The range is available in high-volume 300 bar cylinders, including the unique Integra® cylinder, and also available in cylinder packs.

What are the Benefits of Ferromaxx® 7

Improved Weld Quality

Reduced rejects

Excellent Weld Pool Control

Increased weldability at low voltages on thin sheet materials (up to 10mm thick) and for positional welding

Reduced Weld Clean-Up

Cuts post-weld cleaning times, ultra-low spatter levels and excellent pulsed arc characteristics

Improved Working Environment

Protects the work environment with minimal ozone generation

Ask the Expert

I need to reduce post-welding cleaning when welding thin sheet carbon steel. Can you help?

Ferromaxx® 7 weld process gas is specially developed for welding sheet up to 10mm. It cuts post-weld cleaning times and ultra low spatter levels.