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Ferromaxx® 15

The reliable all-rounder for MAG welding carbon steel

Ferromaxx® 15 is part of the Maxx® gases range, our unique range of gases delivering the best combination of quality, productivity and safety. Achieve more with fewer rejects when welding carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or high-performance alloys. The range is available in high-volume 300 bar cylinders, including the unique Integra® cylinder, and also available in cylinder packs.

What are the Benefits of Air Products' Ferromaxx®​ 15​

Improved Weld Quality

Reduced rejects, excellent penetration characteristics and tolerant to variations in weld parameter settings

Improved Working Environment

Protects the work environment with minimal ozone generation

Save Money and Reduce Cylinder Holdings

Ferromaxx® 15 weld process gas is suitable for all material thickness helping to reduce cylinder stocks

Ask the Expert

Do I need more than one gas to MAG weld various thicknesses of carbon steel?

Our Ferromaxx® 15 has been developed as an all-rounder for MAG welding carbon steel. It's versatile and is suited to variations in weld parameter settings.