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Grated mozzarella

Freshline® Rotary Freezer

Fast chilling and IQF freezing of even the smallest sliced, diced and extruded foods

Are you looking to quickly and individually chill or freeze very small products such as minced meat, diced chicken, grated cheese or anything similar?

Our Freshline® Rotary Freezer was designed just for you. This cryogenic freezer is inclined and constantly rotating for the fast chilling and high quality IQF freezing of the smallest diced and extruded foods.

Why do our Customers Choose our Rotary Freezer?

Premium Product Quality

Its constant motion prevents products from sticking together yielding more than 99% IQF on even the smallest individual pieces


Limited space needed: excellent capacity per m² of floor space compared to air blast freezers

Hygiene Features

Hygienic design and easy to clean

Ease of Use

Intuitive operator interface

Ask the Expert

Karen Callingham, Food Cryogenics Expert
Karen Callingham

Food Cryogenics Technical Expert, UK

My minced meat is really small... will there be any product build up inside the freezer?

No. The smooth internal surface design and the initial crust freezing, combined with the product flow mechanism, prevent this.