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Frozen pizza

Freshline® IQ Freezer

A SMART choice for efficiency, economy and hygiene

Whether you are new to freezing/chilling or you already freeze/chill, the Freshline® IQ cryogenic tunnel freezer has been designed with efficiency, economy, and hygiene in mind.

The Freshline® IQ freezer offers continuous high throughput freezing or chilling for a broad range of food products. It is designed in ten-foot modular sections making it easily field expandable. An optional remote monitoring system allows for trouble shooting or efficiency tracking from afar. All this with a minimal up-front capital investment.

Ask the Expert

Food Industry Manager, Americas
Scott Robertson

Food Industry Manager, Americas

How can I optimize liquid nitrogen consumption of my cryogenic tunnel freezing system?

Optimizing freezer operation typically involves three variables—retention time, belt-loading, and production rate. Our food specialists help our customers optimize all three by doing a thorough evaluation of process requirements, evaluating products on actual freezing equipment in our Foods Lab to ensure proper selection of freezing equipment, and working with our customers during startup and moving forward to minimize nitrogen usage.