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Freshline® Inline Ingredient Chilling System (IICS)

Improve product quality and speed up processing

Do you have dry ingredients or powders that degrade at higher temperatures and/or need to be kept at a certain temperature to ensure optimal processing?

Our tailor-made inert temperature control system is ideal to cool down dry ingredients or powders which are being pneumatically transferred prior to storing or processing. This solution can preserve your final product’s quality, reduce product waste, provide a safe, inert atmosphere and speed up processing. Plus, using nitrogen means no added moisture.

​​Why do Customers Choose this Solution?


Preserved quality of temperature sensitive ingredients or final products, resulting in improved product consistency


Accurate temperature control for an even and repeatable end temperature

Ease Of Use

Easy to install and operate with its automated temperature monitoring system

ap0149-operational efficiency
Operational Efficiency

Chill and transfer your products at the same time. The non-invasive nozzles prevent clogging or blockage in the pipe


Reduced exposure to explosion risks that can be caused by combustible dusts

Waste Reduction

Better preserved product and improved machinability of the dough (in the case of bakery products)

Ask the Expert

Karen Callingham, Food Cryogenics Expert
Karen Callingham

Food Cryogenics Technical Expert, UK

My flour enters my mixer at around 25°C however I am not satisfied with its swelling and texture.

The dough can warm up by about 5-8°C during the mixing process. Ideally you should cool it a bit before it enters the mixer.