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Frozen strawberries

Freshline® Immersion Freezers

For fast, high-quality IQF freezing

Improved yield

Products are initially crust-frozen in a liquid nitrogen (LIN) bath, which locks in moisture, helping to prevent dehydration and resulting weight losses

Maximize product quality 

Crust freezing can prevent belt sticking and belt marks, maintain your products shape, and reduce product clumping

Low capital investment

Because they use liquid nitrogen as the refrigerant, the immersion freezers require a significantly lower capital investment than that for mechanical systems

Easy to clean and maintain

Its simple design, construction, and few moving parts make the freezers easy to maintain and use

ap0149-operational efficiency
Improved Mechanical Freezer Performance

Crust freezing products with nitrogen can reduce the heat load on downstream mechanical freezing systems, allowing you to increase throughput, and also reduce the amount of defrosting of mechanical coils which improves the uptime of your process

Small Footprint

Liquid nitrogen is -320 °F which enables you to freeze or chill very high throughputs in the smallest footprint possible

Ask the Expert

Food Industry Manager, Americas
Scott Robertson

Food Industry Manager, Americas

If I already have a mechanical freezing system, why would I consider nitrogen freezing?

Many of our customers use nitrogen to enhance their mechanical freezing process. Whether it’s using nitrogen to boost the capacity of your existing mechanical freezer; crust freezing to reduce belt sticking or marks, or to lock in moisture to improve yield, there are a variety of ways nitrogen can enhance your current process. Let our Food Specialists determine the best solution for your process.