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Pastries on Freshline EF Tunnel Freezer Belt

Freshline® EF Tunnel Freezer

Compact and easy to use

Are you a start-up looking for your first industrial tunnel freezer? Or a well-established processor looking for a cost-effective inline freezing or chilling solution? Or maybe you have a blast freezing line in need of a boost?

Our Freshline® Easy Freeze (EF) nitrogen freezer was specially designed for you. It is a cost-effective, reliable, qualitative and safe solution that will give you a worry-free, quality inline cryogenic freezing or chilling experience day in and day out.

Why Do Our Customers Choose the Freshline® EF Tunnel Freezer?

Cost effectiveness

Competitive pricing, rental possibilities and excellent gas efficiency


Quick to install and start-up combined with the ultra-fast freezing properties of cryogenic freezers


Freeze more with less manual work than with a batch freezer

Ease of use

Easy to operate, maintain and clean

Hygiene features

Bespoke, safe and hygienic equipment design


4 or 6 metre freezing length


Different options available to help you tailor this freezer to your needs, plus the usual flexibility of nitrogen freezers


As for all cryogenic freezers, a faster freeze means a higher quality end result

EF Freezer

Ask the Expert

Neil Hansford - Food Technology Expert, UK
Neil Hansford

Food Technology Expert, UK

Is there a way to increase my current freezing capacity rather than investing in a whole new line?

Ask to modify the recipes on your cryogenic freezer or place a small cryogenic tunnel freezer in front of your mechanical freezer to give it a boost.