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IQF Shrimp coated or enrobed with sauce

Freshline® IQF Coating or Enrobing Solutions

For Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) products evenly coated with sauces, oils or other liquids

Are you looking to create individually quick frozen (IQF) prepared products coated with sauce or any type of liquid seasoning, which meet your customer's increasing demand for convenience and desire for individual portions?

Whether you need high or low coating ratios, small or large throughputs, our Freshline® range of IQF coating and mixing equipment has been developed for you.

Our solutions can evenly enrobe your frozen food pieces with sauces, oils or herbs, producing high quality, value added frozen ready‑to-heat products easily dividable into individual portions.

Why Choose our Coating Solutions?


Our solutions provide you with an even, consistent sauce enrobing for your frozen products

Ease of Use

The user-friendly operating interface includes pre-recorded recipes for easy product changeovers


Attractive pricing, rental options and excellent nitrogen efficiency


The compact size requires minimal floor space

Ask the Expert

Karen Callingham, Food Cryogenics Expert
Karen Callingham

Food Cryogenics Technical Expert, UK

Can I coat any type of IQF food product?

Yes. You can coat and freeze successive layers of any type of sauce or oily/watery substance onto any type of IQF product from meat to fruit or pasta.