Engaging Employees and Building Our Communities

We partner with organizations that support diverse talent to inspire future scientists, engineers and skilled technical workers to build a diverse pipeline today, and for the future. Here are some examples of our external diversity partners:

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

We are involved with SWE on college campuses and in our communities to help women achieve their full potential as engineers and leaders, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

We draw strength, opportunity and financial growth from our diverse workforce and collaborative, inclusive and respectful work environment.

Engagement with the Community

Air Products invests in the communities where we do business. Our employees work together as local ambassadors for our company, for example, by engaging in Society of Women Engineers (SWE) forums, supporting community programs through our in-house employee resource group UDAAN. These are some of the ways Air Products demonstrates the commitment we have in the communities where we live and work.

In addition, Air Products hosts and facilitates lectures, seminars and workshops for engineering students, professionals and officials of statutory departments. These programs enable us to share safety best practices to help strengthen the safety, health and sustainability framework of the country. At Air Products, safety is our highest priority and a personal commitment, our employees contribute as advisors and ambassadors to drive a safety culture in the communities in which we operate.