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Celebrating the Diversity of Our People―Air Products' Greatest Asset
In Honor of Black History Month & Women's History Month

In honor of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, we are saluting black and female employees who are making a difference in our company and our world. At Air Products, we are fully committed to bringing together people from different cultures and backgrounds to collaborate and innovate solutions to the world’s most significant energy and environmental challenges.

Celebrating Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month in February, Air Products employees were invited to participate in a series of virtual events designed to educate and inspire through engagement, dialogue and reflection. The events gave employees the opportunity to experience a four-piece jazz ensemble, African American and Afro Caribbean cuisine, African American art collections, and a virtual viewing and discussion event on the gripping documentary, "Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America".

The fun and engaging virtual events were sponsored by Air Products’ Black Employees Resource Group (BERG), part of the company’s Inclusion Network which partners with leadership to create supportive communities that help attract and retain talent, raise cultural awareness, develop critical skills and competencies, and contribute to the company’s diversity and inclusion objectives.

Celebrating Women's History Month

In honor of Women's History Month in March, Air Products facilities around the globe are hosting a variety of events to celebrate the journey and impact of influential women, both past and present, in both our company and the world. We recognize that women bring to the table vital experiences and perspectives that are essential to Air Products' goal of becoming the safest, most diverse, and most profitable industrial gas company in the world. Air Products' Women's Success Network, part of the company's Inclusion Network, is an Employee Resource Group for all that helps female employees reach their full potential by supporting their development and championing an inclusive workplace.

Celebrating the Contributions of Our Female Employees

Our people are our greatest asset. We each bring different capabilities, cultures and experiences that all contribute to our success as a whole.

I get my energy from the people and activities around me. What helps me better myself is having people around me whom I'm able to learn from and who broaden my perspective. Healthy peer competition encourages me to strive harder at work.

Reshma Yadav, Senior Engineer, Mechanical Systems Engineering, India

Being positive and seeing challenges as opportunities are a part of who I am, and I am grateful for each learning and development opportunity that I had as they helped me to grow and be where I am today.

Tatiana Almeida, Manager of Employee Experience and Culture, South America

I am [also] driven by deadlines and challenges that push me to think differently and allow me to solve problems. That is part of what I like most about my job―resolving issues that pop up throughout the day.

Sadonnie Fults, Site Superindendent, Baytown Texas ASU and HyCO Facility, U.S.

I feel really privileged to be leading the H2fM team and feel very supported by my colleagues. Our work is a full company effort. We are all working together to make a real contribution to delivering a clean energy future.

Caroline Stancell, General Manager, H2fM and Energy Transition Europe & Africa 

Every single day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn, unlearn and relearn, which makes work exciting and rewarding.

Asha James, Product Sales Manager, UAE

My biggest motivation is helping others... although I may not have all the answers, I have enough experience to know where to point people to get the right answers.

Lisa Miller, Data Analytics and DOT Regulatory Supervisor, U.S.

Fostering an Inclusive Workplace

Air Products sponsors Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) as part of the company's Inclusion Network. Our ERGs create supportive communities that help attract and retain talent, raise cultural awareness, develop critical skills and competencies, and contribute to Air Products' diversity and inclusion objectives.


Asian Employee Resource Organization


Black Employee Resource Group


Ethnically Diverse Gulf Employees


Community supporting employees of all abilities


Ethnically and culturally diverse community


Hispanic Organization of Latinos and Amigos


Indian Subcontinent Employee Resource Organization


Middle East Employee Resource Group


Community supporting early career professionals


Community supporting LGBTQ+ employees


Employee group in India serving the underprivileged in communities where we operate

Veterans Network

Community supporting veterans


Women's Success Network