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Passive components for electronic products 

Passive Components

Improve your yields in passive component firing processes

Passive components used in today’s electronics products are fired, whether directly onto a ceramic board or on chip components, using a high temperature process which requires either an inerting atmosphere or a reactive atmosphere to accomplish the binding of the ceramic or metallic base materials and achieve form and function. Air Products offers the atmospheres required in your manufacturing process.

Ask the Expert

During the firing process for the end terminations of our multilayer chip capacitors, we are observing oxidation of the thick film copper material.  We are using an inert nitrogen atmosphere in our firing furnaces.  What is the possible cause of this oxidation?

There are several possibilities why oxidation is occurring in the process:

  1. The oxygen ppm level within the nitrogen supply may be above normal supply levels due to contaminated gas supply or a leak in your supply system that is allowing air to mix with your gas supply
  2. The furnace sealing may be compromised and allowing air to enter the internal chambers of the furnace
  3. There may be moisture in the gas supply, related to #1 above

All of the above possibilities can be checked by using the proper analytical tools, such as an oxygen ppm analyzer and dew point analyzer at the supply system and the furnace.  If the oxygen and dew point are acceptable at the supply system and not acceptable at the inlet of the gas to the furnace, then there is a leak in the piping.  If the readings are acceptable at the inlet at the furnace, then an analysis of the furnace atmosphere is warranted.  If the furnace atmosphere is poor, then most likely there is a leak in the furnace seals.