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Ozone Vent Gas Reuse

Halia® ozone solutions for wastewater treatment

Do you want to value your ozone off-gas stream?

Ozone generators produce concentrations from 10% to 15% of ozone in the feed gas. In this way, 85% to 90% of the feed gas consumed is not used and represents a huge cost that makes ozone expensive.

Air Products has developed adapted technologies to reuse this off-gas into a wastewater biological plant. Without compression stage, with a simple self-aspirant device, the ozone off-gas is recovered and used to aerate a biological plant. In this way, the oxygen is valued in the aeration process where energy could be saved.

How can Air Products Reduce your Ozone Costs?​

Cost Savings on Aeration

Recover pure oxygen off gas from ozone processes to aerate biological plants

Ozone Destruction Costs Savings

Interested in reducing your costs using an ozone generator?

Our experts will help to enhance your wastewater treatment and advice on the best uses of gases and help you save costs.