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Melting for Non-ferrous Metals Production

Innovative technologies for low-cost, high-efficiency melting

Air Products' range of oxy-fuel technologies allow non-ferrous melting operations to use less fuel, achieve higher production rates, and reduce flue gas and particulate carry over. By completely or partially replacing combustion air with oxygen, the nitrogen in air can be reduced or eliminated from the process, keeping it from carrying valuable heat up the stack and making more heat available to melt your non-ferrous materials.

Many different types of furnaces are used in non-ferrous melting operations, including tower furnaces, rockers, induction, rotaries, and reverbs. Each of these furnaces requires a different approach to oxy-fuel burner design to meet its design consideration and heat input needs.

Leveraging Experience and Innovative Technology to Optimize a Wide Range of Melting Operations

By customizing an oxy-fuel solution for your specific operation, we can match the heat input, flame shape and length, and heat release profile to the needs of the furnace to which it is being applied and help you reach the operational goals of that furnace. Production rate increases of 25-40% are common, with increased fuel efficiency and reduced flue gas volumes of 50% or more. This allows for much less downstream handling and lower flue gas temperatures.

Air Products can supply the custom designed burners as well as the flow controls, data acquisition, and smart analytics to optimize and track furnace performance. For production increases, very short pay backs of less than 6 months are often achieved.

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel Burner

With Air Products’ patented Transient Heating burner, you can achieve more even heating throughout your reverb furnace, eliminate cold zones, and maximize melt rates.

Helping Aluminum Producers Optimize Production and Economics

Light Metal Age’s Ann Marie Fellom sat down with Air Products’ Russell Hewertson at the ALUMINIUM USA trade show in Detroit, Michigan, as part of the magazine’s interview series with notable members of the aluminum industry. In his interview, the Americas Commercial Technology Manager at Air Products discussed the importance of close collaboration with aluminum producers to help them optimize their operation through our expertise, gases and technologies.

Check out our brief video excerpts from the full interview that answer some frequently asked questions.

Individual Questions

Gas Supply Options

Air Products can help you determine the most economical supply option for your particular application and geographic location. Industrial gases are typically provided in gaseous and liquid form through a variety of supply systems.


Oxygen can improve combustion through increased heat transfer, higher flame temperatures, and reduced volume of flue gases in metals production operations.


Valued for its reactive and protective properties, and used by many industries such as electronics, foods, glass, chemicals, refining and more can benefit from its unique properties to improve quality, optimize performance and reduce costs.

Case Studies

  • Relationship generates 25% more product for regenerative reverberatory furnace
  • High yields achieved for forward thinking secondary aluminum producer
  • Hotter and cleaner process for aluminum RSI producer
  • Increasing yield and production in a successful secondary aluminum plant
  • Maximizing precious metal productivity
  • Continuous cast copper rod manufacturer increases amount of scrap use
  • Secondary aluminum processor sees company-wide improvement after thorough review

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