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Equipment and piping inside of a modern industrial power plant
Oil Refining

Line or Vessel Drying

Industrial gases for drying piping, vessels, and equipment

Nitrogen is a clean, dry, inert gas and has long proven effective at displacing oxygen in tanks, hoses, and piping. Blanketing with nitrogen reduces the potential of combustion, maintains a positive pressure in storage tanks and prevents vaporization and loss of product to the atmosphere.

For decades, customers have relied on Air Products' APEX Services to provide a safe, reliable, and fast temporary supply of high-quality nitrogen to dry process equipment, including piping systems, heat exchangers, reactors, and molecular sieve beds with ambient or hot nitrogen. You can save time and money by safely and economically meeting your nitrogen needs over a wide range of pressures and flow rates with APEX Services.


LNG Terminal's successful pipeline cool down credited to Air Products experience and project management skills

​ISSUE – Prominent East Coast Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal needed an enormous quantity of nitrogen delivered in a very short amount of time to cool down piping and equipment in advance of an LNG delivery. 

SOLUTION – Air Products has the project management skills and expertise to handle large, complicated jobs. Air Products worked very closely with the customer to ensure a smooth operation that involved coordinating over 30 employees, pumping a whopping 54 million scf of nitrogen that was offloaded from 84 liquid trucks in 42 hours (five loads of product per hour during peak demand periods), responding to multiple scope changes as the job evolved, and most importantly, accomplishing all of this under difficult conditions without a single safety issue. When the need arises, this customer depends on Air Products for their temporary nitrogen needs.