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Gouging welding steel structure and bright sparks in steel construction industry
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Gouging is a method for removing material in connection with welding or casting. A distinction is made between thermal and mechanical gouging methods. The thermal methods are generally faster than the Thermal gouging is an essential part of welding fabrication. Used for rapid removal of unwanted metal, the material is locally heated and molten metal ejected - usually by blowing it away. Normal oxy-fuel gas or arc processes can be used to produce rapid melting and metal removal.

Gouging operations can be carried out using the following thermal processes:

  • Oxy-fuel process
  • Plasma arc
  • Manual metal arc (MMA)
  • Air carbon arc


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John Dwyer
John Dwyer

Microbulk Applications Engineer, North America

I use high-pressure gas cylinders and am concerned about safety. Is there a better way?

Traditionally, high-pressure gas cylinders have been the supply mode for users in the low to medium volume range. Air Products CryoEase® microbulk service consolidates your gas supply to a centralized system eliminating the need to handle cylinders and ensures the right gas is delivered to your use point. Further benefits of the CryoEase® microbulk service include decreased exposure to high-pressure containers and reduced traffic congestion with less frequent supplier deliveries. Air Products developed the microbulk supply option as a cost-effective, reliable alternative to high-pressure cylinders for nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide supply. In addition to efficient and flexible storage systems, innovative piping solutions are available to help you have a smooth transition from cylinders to microbulk.