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Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)

Download Experis® Ultra-high Purity Gases Technical Specification Synthetic Air brochure

Our Gases for FID Analysis

Experis® High Specification FID Fuel Gas Mixtures

40% hydrogen in helium or nitrogen with less than 0.1 ppm total hydrocarbon content (THC)

Standard Fuel Gas Compositions

40% hydrogen in helium or nitrogen with less than 1 ppm total hydrocarbon content (THC)

Hydrogen BIP® Technology

Unrivalled specifications with less than 10 ppb total hydrocarbon content (THC)

Hydrogen Premier Plus

Less than 100 ppb total hydrocarbon content (THC)

Zero Air Plus (Synthetic Air Plus)

Less than 50 ppb total hydrocarbon content (THC)

Zero Air (Synthetic Air)

Less than 200 ppb total hydrocarbon content (THC)

Ask the Expert Promo

Trish Lees

Business Development Specialist

"What are the advantages of using Synthetic Air versus mixing Nitrogen and Oxygen?"
Synthetic Air uses ultra-high purity N2 and O2  which are blended to produce Synthetic Air. We use diaphragm compressors that use no oil, so Synthetic Air has very low Total Hydrocarbons (THC)

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