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Compost Cooling

Effectively prevent the germination of your mushrooms during transport

Compost cooling with CO₂ helps you to keep the temperature of your compost below 20°C to avoid the premature sprouting of your mushrooms during transport.

Building on ACP’s experience, and our extended CO₂ network, we reliably supply numerous customers for their compost cooling needs throughout Europe. Our experts look forward helping you by designing new tailor-made installations or optimizing your existing compost cooling installations.

Why cool your compost with carbon dioxide?


Saves time and energy


Maintains the desired temperature during transport which enables the grafted compost to remain very stable


For mushroom producers, damp compost reduces the risk of diseases and parasites


Preliminary watering of compost is no longer necessary, which shortens the production process


With this process the compost retains more water

Our solutions include:

  • Injection of liquid CO₂ with tailor-made snow horns
  • Delivery of dry ice pellets to be dispersed in the compost

Our experts will help you:

  • Obtain a homogenous cooling ensuring optimal product quality by avoiding any over frosting of parts of the compost
  • Keep the equipment costs down with compact, easy to install, low investment solutions while avoiding any clogging thanks to adapted nozzle

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