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Luan ASU

Why Invest in Air Products?

Profitability, Stability and Growth

The “on-site” business pioneered by Air Products generates secured and steady cashflow.  It calls for long-term take-or-pay contracts not subject to price, volume and variable cost fluctuations.  Air Products has become  the most stable and profitable global industrial gas company due to its greater proportion of the on-site business and the industry leading profit margin.  Supported by the pristine balance sheet and strong cash flow, Air Products can combine this stability and profitability with substantial growth potential by deploying capital.


There is a high degree of stability in our business model and earnings.
Here's why:

Long-term, Take-or-Pay Contracts

• On-site business generates long-term, secured cash flow
• No input risks: all raw materials and energy pass through
• No output risks: revenue not price/volume dependent
• Contract duration > 15 years

Higher Percent of On-site Business Compared to Competitors

• More than half of total business is on-sites
• The proportion of the on-site business will continue to grow

Experience Executing Large/Complex Projects

• Ability to conceive, finance, engineer, build and operate megaprojects around the world

Global Reach, Diverse End Markets

• Operating in over 50 countries
• Supplying over 30 different industries

Local Facilities Serving Broad Customer Base

• Industrial gas is a local business
• More than 750 facilities serving over 170,000 customers

Experience and History

• Nearly 8 decades in the business
• Developed in-depth knowledge of the industrial gas processes and the best-in-class project execution and operating expertise

5 Point Plan