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Nitrogen for Foods

A highly-efficient gas for food and beverages processors

Seventy-eight percent of the air that we breathe is composed of nitrogen. Gaseous nitrogen is widely used for its inert, non-reactive properties. Liquid nitrogen is used for its cryogenic properties enabled by its extremely low boiling point (-196°C/-320°F).

Our food grade nitrogen and nitrogen enabled food processing equipment are compliant with many relevant safety, quality compliance and hygiene legislation.

Whichever the quantities of food grade nitrogen you may need, from a single cylinder to packs of cylinders, liquid bulk or onsite generation, we have the capability and know how to supply you.

Increased throughput, high speed quality freezing or chilling

Quickly freeze or chill any type of food product. With cryogenics, a shorter cool or freeze time equals a shorter process time thus more units in the same amount of time.

Higher yield, less waste, extended shelf life

Nitrogen is often used in modified atmosphere packaging to remove the oxidative oxygen or moisture present around a food product for a longer shelf life. Quick cooling/freezing allows more of your product to retain quality by preventing dehydration and crumbling by firming the product faster.

Moisture retention, package pressurization

By using extremely cold nitrogen to reduce the temperature of your food, you will be exposing the food to the dry air for less time. A faster freeze means less moisture loss. Nitrogen is often used to pressurize a package or bottle and prevent its collapse.

Liquids de-aeration, texture retention

Cryogenics shortens the crystallization of water that occurs when food freezes allowing for a better quality thaw and retained texture. Nitrogen is also used to remove unwanted dissolved gases from liquids for improved further processing or shelf life extension.

Retained taste and flavor, safety prevention

Freezing or cooling quickly using cryogenics secures the fragrances and flavors in the food better. Nitrogen is used to inert storage areas containing flammable elements or to protect from dust explosions. 

Ask the Expert

Justin Ruggiero
Justin Ruggiero

Food Applications Specialist, Americas

How can I better understand my nitrogen usage?

Measuring the quantity of liquid nitrogen (LIN used during food freezing and chilling is vital to remaining operationally competitive. Unlike other materials, LIN can be troublesome to measure continuously, so it’s important to implement a daily LIN use tracking program. This data provides a benchmark against which to measure your LIN use. The amount of LIN used continuously is less telling than the changes in use as time progresses. Did the new startup operating procedure make the freezing process more efficient? Did changing from an insulated pipe to a vacuum-jacketed pipe really save costs this year? Questions like these can be answered in pursuit of continuous improvement if LIN is tracked daily.

How do you get started on tracking your LIN usage? Air Products’ Food Technology Specialists connect customers to the cost side of using LIN with daily tracking tools while providing the support and training to improve usage. Air Products’ Freshline® solutions reflect our continuing commitment to the food industry, providing a single point of reference for customers.