Understanding Our Footprint

Carbon productivity is a measure of how much value is generated from the consumption of energy. We are working to improve our carbon productivity through several mechanisms including: improving the energy efficiency of our production processes and product distribution; increasing our use of renewable energy; pursuing opportunities to further deploy our carbon capture technology and expertise; and enabling our customers and their customers to avoid CO₂ emissions. Below are carbon productivity improvements for 2021, with improvements in efficiencies, intensities and costs avoided since our 2015 baseline year.

In 2021, Air Products realized a CO₂ emissions intensity improvement of four percent compared to the baseline year (2015). We expect the reduction of our CO₂ emissions intensity to accelerate in 2025 and beyond as we bring our blue and green hydrogen megaprojects onstream and continue working across the five areas related to our goal: carbon capture, carbon-free hydrogen, low-carbon projects, operational efficiency, and renewable energy.