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Videos/Narrated Presentations (9)

Why precool natural gas? (1 of 4) (2:02)

Fundamentals of a precooling refrigerant cycle. (2 of 4) (1:34)

How to select a suitable precooling refrigerant (3 of 4) (3:20)

Comparison of Precooling Refrigerants (4 of 4) (3:17)

Do you need a mid-size LNG train? (2:18)

C3MR and AP-X® Liquefaction Cycles (6:25)

Air Products, adding value and building trust with LNG customers. (2:57)

Air Products' Path to its 100th LNG Heat Exchanger (5:47)

LNG Coil Wound Heat Exchanger Manufacturing (3:10)


Articles & Publications (12)

Floating LNG (FLNG) capabilities: World-class LNG technology adapted for offshore applications

Download (892 KB)

LNG Plant Services: Liquefier Operations

Download (1 MB)

Project Development Services

Download (336 KB)

AP-AutoCool™ Program for automated LNG MCHE cooldown

Download (328 KB)

Enhanced LNG Liquefier Control to maximize your liquefier’s performance

Download (331 KB)

Large-scale LNG plant capabilities data sheet

Download (804 KB)

Mid Scale LNG Plant Capabilities: World-class LNG technology applied to mid-scale LNG plants

Download (1.75 MB)

Air Products’ experience: Leadership in midsize to large LNG plant projects

Download (231 KB)

Air Products' full range of liquefaction process options: Supporting all segments of the LNG value chain

Download (89 KB)

Air Products LNG specialists: Providing essential services and support

Download (337 KB)

Air Products MCR coil-wound heat exchangers: The heart of your facility

Download (433 KB)

Small plant and peak-shaving LNG processes: Designed for simplicity and delivering lower unit costs

Download (540 KB)

Whitepapers (26)

Automated Process for cooldown of main cryogenic heat exchanger

Download (673 KB)

Coiled and ready for higher capacity: advances in coil-wound heat exchanger technology and applications

Download (1,623 KB)

Bigger in not always better: Why smaller LNG plant capacities can sometimes equate to bigger opportunities

Download (1.78 MB)

Innovative precooling strategies for efficient natural gas liquefaction

Download (1 MB)

Key considerations when developing small scale LNG projects

Download (539 KB)

Large LNG Trains: Technology Advances to Address Market Challenges

Download (365 KB)

Expanding Nitrogen At Sea

Download (1,800 KB)

State-of-the-art nitrogen removal methods from Air Products for liquefaction plants

Download (1,000 KB)

Maximising LNG revenue by operating at peak performance

Download (640 KB)

Brayton refrigeration cycles for small-scale LNG

Download (552 KB)

Arctic LNG Plant Design (presented at LNG17)

Download (198.78 KB)

Road to Recovery: an examination of refrigerant conservation and recovery in LNG facilities

Download (813 KB)

Selecting Design Criteria for Natural Gas Liquefaction Facilities

Download (543 KB)

Novel Nitrogen Removal Schemes for LNG Plants with Electric Motor Drive and Varying Feed Composition

Download (350 KB)

Lean Gas, Air Products specialists discuss the technology options to tackle new challenges in lean gas liquefaction

Download (1.9 MB)

Restart Methods for Parallel Compressor String Operation

Download (617 KB)

Machinery/Process Configurations for an Evolving LNG Landscape

Download (695 KB)

Liquefaction‒’Uncommon Knowledge’ Leads to Innovation

Download (787 KB)

Natural Gas Liquefaction Technology for Floating LNG Facilities (presented at LNG17)

Download (687.6 KB)

Innovations in Natural Gas Liquefaction Technology for Future LNG Plants and Floating LNG Facilities

Download (1.4 MB)

How the Right Technical Choices Lead to Commercial Success (presented at LNG 16 Conference)

Download (275 KB)

Air Products meets requirements of full range of floating LNG concepts

Download (643 KB)

Drive your LNG project to success with optimal machinery selections from Air Products

Download (1.5 MB)

Dynamic Simulation of C3-MR LNG Plants with Parallel Compression Strings (presented at LNG 16 Conference)

Download (225 KB)

An Ever Evolving Technology, Air Products specialists discuss coil wound heat exchanger technology

On a Smaller Scale

Download (672 KB)
More Whitepapers

Audio Podcasts (2)

Using Air Products’ turbomachinery in floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) plants (04:50)

Floating LNG (7:43)

Contact Information

Introducing Gas Converter mobile app (Apple® IOS)

Converts weight/volume measures for gases and LNG

Air Products, adding value and building trust with LNG customers.

Air Products, adding value and building trust with LNG customers. (2:57)

Thoughts on why our LNG customers buy from us.


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